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Triple-A Assholes

The California AAA explains to Will Campbell why it could not support a 3-foot passing law for bicycles:

When our amendments were not included, we took an oppose-unless-amended position on the bill and still attempted to work with the author and bill supporters to improve the bill. Amendments we sought included identifying the road geometric and traffic conditions where motorists could pass at less than three feet if passing at three feet would risk a crash with oncoming traffic or would otherwise be illegal.

In other words, the AAA wanted a loophole allowing motorists to make unsafe passing maneuvers.


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Why does the AAA Hate Bicycles?

So SB-910 (“Safe Passing Bill”) was given a public hearing in the Assembly Transportation Committee.

And of course the AAA was there to oppose it.

I say “of course” because it goes without saying that anytime a bicycle or pedestrian bill is considered, the AAA will oppose it. It brings to mind  Assembly Bill 1408, which the AAA also opposed back in 2004. That bill clarified bicyclists’ right not to have to ride in Door Zones.

And what’s baffling is that all AAA members are pedestrians, and quite a number ride bicycles too. I (kind of) understand efforts by the AAA to divert bike/ped monies to highways — but why oppose rules already in the DMV handbook?

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