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The consultant mafia for San Francisco’s 1-mile long Central “Stubway” project have scored another $9.9 million in pork grant funding from the FTA. This is in addition to the $66 million spent on who knows what.

To put in perspective:
Even at inflated Muni prices, $66 million is enough to build 1 mile of at-grade streetcar line. At world-market rate prices, $66 million is enough to build 6 miles of at-grade streetcar all the way out to Land’s End. As well, $9.9 can serve as nice downpayment on modern low-floor trams.

Instead, Muni is proposing to spend $1.57 BILLION on this money pit:

The 1960’s Protest and Revolt movement in Amsterdam described “underground public transport means the final hegemony of the car on the street level.” That is certainly the case here, where billions of transit dollars are being spent to preserve automobile LOS in Chinatown.

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