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If you go to a train station to ride the train, then you should be able to purchase a ticket right there at the station. I would think that is a self-evident. And if you are eligible for a special fare discount, such as a senior or youth, then you should be able to purchase a discount pass at the station. I would think that is also self-evident. This is standard practice for almost any transit operator — except BART: discount_pass_1 This sticker is plastered to BART ticket fare machines — informing parents and seniors that they can’t buy discount train tickets at the station. Instead, one must either take time off from work to schlep down to a Clipper service center, or else fill out an “application“, mail it in along with a government ID — and then wait for 7 days for your train ticket to arrive by mail. Here we are in the technological center of the universe, where BART has spent tens of millions of dollars on ticket vending machines (not counting the hundreds of millions of dollars the MTC has spent on Clipper “smart” card technology). And yet something as simple as buying a discount kids or senior pass requires an application, identification check, and as much as 7 business days of processing. And for what — to make sure your kids aren’t on a terrorist watch list?


Even Muni (Muni!!) is able to sell discount tickets from ticket vending machines

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Multimodal My Ass

BART riders can’t use their Clipper “smart” cards on the AirBART shuttle because….

Regional transit officials say they sympathize with tired travelers who just want to use their cards, climb on the bus and catch their flights. But bureaucratic squabbles and abstruse coding make that unlikely ever to happen.

“Of course, it would be ever so much easier if a traveler headed to or from the airport could use a Clipper card,” said John Goodwin, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, which oversees Clipper cards. “It would make things a lot easier, a lot more customer-friendly.”

But don’t expect anything to change, Goodwin said.

Doing that would require a lot more (computer) code to be written and would require a lot more money to be spent,” Goodwin said. In short, programmers would have to rewrite the BART fare program to run on a card reader designed for a bus. The original BART code can’t simply be loaded on a different type of reader, Goodwin said. He couldn’t give an estimate of how much it would cost.

So basically, BART can’t get reimbursed for Clipper trips that involve a bus? That is some unbelievably retarded programming. No doubt the persons in charge will get shit-canned, right?



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