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The Bay Rd. and Gloria Way intersection is one of the most dangerous in East Palo Alto. Two months ago, a second-grader was struck and killed while walking to school. An 8-year old was also struck 6 months prior. The intersection also had a head-on crash and a bike-car collision within the past year.

In response to the community outcry over the fatality, consultants were hired to recommend safety improvements. The firm (CHS Consulting Group) has given their initial report. I am gobsmacked by their recommendations:

A stop sign is not needed at an East Palo Alto intersection where a 6-year-old girl was struck and killed by a vehicle in September and an 8-year-old boy hit in April, a transportation engineer hired to suggest traffic improvements at the crossing told the city council Tuesday.


State guidelines for traffic control devices require five collisions within a 12-month period to justify installing a stop sign, according to the consultant’s report. CHS Principal Transportation Engineer Paul Krupka, who discussed the report with the council, said the bike and vehicle accidents did not qualify for the collision count because they involved right-of-way violations not correctable by a stop sign.

To make matters worse, the consultants suggest parking removal on Bay Rd. — a residential arterial — to “improve” visibility. Without bulb-outs or other measures, this could effectively widen the intersection, leading to increased traffic speeds.

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