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Anderson Cooper Is Right

Once again, the Amtrak foamers are in an uproar over a CNN report criticizing the Administrations’ high-speed rail program:

“There’s a network of people who really do believe, deep down — they’re rail enthusiasts — they believe in the idea of bringing the Japanese or the European style trains here to the U.S.,” Griffin told Cooper. And he went on, patronizingly: “But as we have explained to them, even after we got email bombed, ‘Look, you’re not getting high-speed rail,’ and they will admit it. They will admit that this administration is not investing in the actual bullet trains like the ones that they believe will bring us into future of transportation. It’s not what we’re getting, Anderson.”

The inconvenient truth is that the CNN report is absolutely correct. The Obama Administration did spend 4 years and well over $12 billion and with nothing to show for it. To put in perspective: the US just spent the equivalent of three new TGV-Est lines.

Most of that $12 billion got thrown down the Amtrak money hole of antiquated rail lines. There has been not one single mile of true high-speed rail built anywhere. Not even California’s flagship project, which will for the foreseeable future function as a diesel-powered Amtrak line.

And all these foamers who are email bombing CNN are part of the problem. As long as Amtrak has their vocal army of defenders, nothing will ever improve.

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