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Google’s 33% Transit Modeshare

Even though the Googleplex is located in a sprawly Mountain View office park, the company manages a remarkable 33% modeshare thanks to the GBus:

Commuting to work without driving, meeting with someone on another continent without flying and riding cars without gasoline? It’s not a futuristic dream, but a way of life at Google. We support and encourage carbon-free commuting because it’s a vital part of our longstanding commitment to sustainability.

We help take cars off of the road—not quite like the Hulk, but we are green. Back in 2004, one motivated Googler started a vanpool that ran from San Francisco to Mountain View as a 20 percent project. As demand grew, the program morphed into what is now one of the largest corporate shuttle services in the country. Today, up to a third of employees ride the GBus shuttles throughout our Bay Area offices five days a week—that’s more than 3,500 daily riders, or 7,000 one-way car trips avoided each day.

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Google Bike View

Really stoked to see Google incorporating bike/ped paths into their popular Streetview. For example, this view of the Dumbarton Bridge bike path.


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