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Nimitz Freeway Pet Cemetery

Did you know the Nimitz Freeway had a pet cemetery?

Each day, tens of thousands of commuters drive right by it without even realizing it. Plonked underneath the new Mission Blvd interchange, it is just yards away from the zooming traffic.

Situated on a spit of land between I880 and a nondescript Fremont office park, it is the most unlikely of places for Fluffy’s final resting place. But how did it get there?

The dates on the tombstones are from the 1970s, and earlier. The only possible explanation: this was once a bucolic location, with peaceful views of Mission Peak. Back then, this neighborhood was largely undeveloped. Then along came the highway and the sprawl.

It is hard to describe the surreal location. The din of traffic zooming around and above the graves of pets who passed on decades ago. Definitely not a location to “Rest in Peace”.

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