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Whenever countries experience rapid expansion in car ownership, a surge in traffic fatalities always results:

India overtook China to top the world in road fatalities in 2006 and has continued to pull steadily ahead, despite a heavily agrarian population, fewer people than China and far fewer cars than many Western countries. While road deaths in many other big emerging markets have declined or stabilized in recent years, even as vehicle sales jumped, in India, fatalities are skyrocketing — up 40 percent in five years.

The result in India is typical. Their increase in traffic fatalities follows similar trend in all other countries. It will most likely go on for many years until the population “adjusts”. The ‘adjustment’ is through better education/awareness — and also greatly reduced walking and biking. By comparison, here is what happened in Australia:

India’s fatality rate is 10.35 per 100,000 population. They are where Australia was back in 1928.

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