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The Bay Area’s MTC has long been known for prioritizing road and rail projects at the expense of bus operators. So when the MTC initiated a cost analysis of the region’s bus operators, transit activists were understandably dubious. The project sounded like a “blame the victim” study.

But preliminary study results reveal some interesting numbers. Adjusted for inflation, operating costs for the major bus operators increased by 27% over the past 10 years, while revenue vehicle hours were almost unchanged — increasing by a mere 4% over the same time period. Rail agencies also saw major increase in operating costs, but that was offset by increased service.

Does this indicate bus driver salaries and benefits are out of control? Not necessarily. Comparison to other metro areas, such as Boston, Chicago, and New York shows Bay Area is in the mid-range for compenstation (though pension and “fringe” benefits are at the upper tier).

Interestingly, the study does find Administration costs are out of line. For the Bay Area 7 largest operators, Administration makes up 20% of the operating cost, compared to 16% in Los Angeles, and 9% in Boston. This suggests some consolidation may be needed.

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Muni’s Awsome New Faregates

Muni’s $30 million faregate FAIL.

The faregates never passed the cost-effectiveness test. Turns out, they don’t pass the giggle test either.

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National Petroleum Radio

The Bike Plan has been held up by a 4-year court injunction. The local bus system went through a round of 10% service cuts. Is San Francisco doing too much for non-motorized transport?

That’s the question KQED, my local Public Radio station, asks on yesterday’s ‘Forum’ program. With special guests: anti-bike nut Rob Anderson, Ken Cleavland to represent the real estate lobby, and Timothy Papandreou to represent the pathetic MTA.

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Winning the APWA Outstanding Public Works Project of the year award was probably the last thing Minnesota Dept. of Transportation expected when the I35-W bridge suffered catastrophic collapse.

Mn/DOT will share the coveted Disaster or Emergency Construction/Repair category with Caltrans (for their emergency repair of MacArthur maze and two other projects).

Personally, if I were on the APWA committee, I’d award Mn/DOT +1 points for the replacement bridge….and minus ten billion points for allowing the original one to collapse in the first place.

The Muni Metro East Maintenance Facility was also given an award, though interestingly not in the “Disaster” category.

Security camera images

Security camera images

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