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Park Or Stadium Parking?

Economists often criticize the ridiculous costs of professional football stadiums. A modern stadium can cost in the neighborhood of $1 billion, even though the typical NFL football team plays just 8 home games per year. And it isn’t just the cost of the stadium itself, but also the massive amount of parking:

There is a huge uproar right now over the revelation that the San Francisco 49ers still have to find 5,000 more parking spaces for the new stadium being built in Santa Clara County. It set off arguments among a number of different groups. Some people are wondering where those parking spots will come from. Locals worry the team will pave over a soccer spot, or destroy butterfly or bird habitats or an ancient Ohlone Indian burial ground.

The city estimates Levi’s Stadium needs 21,000 parking spaces. So far, the 49ers have 16,000 right now. They need 5,000 more and what better place than right next door to the Santa Clara youth soccer facility.

One of the options is the Ulistac Natural Area just down the street. Opponents say the fields would back up almost all the way to the levee and all that will be left will be the wetlands and the area immediately around and south of the bird and butterfly habitat garden.

So the plan is to destroy parks and soccer fields — all to accommodate 8 home games per year.


Guadalupe River Trail, running along Ulistac Park

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