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A man who says he is homeless and an alcoholic was being paid by a New Jersey Transit employee to direct buses in and out of a midtown Manhattan parking lot, according to a report on NBCNewYork.com.

NBC witnessed the visibly intoxicated man directing traffic out of a lot on West 37th Street while wearing an agency vest and using a red flag as the NJ Transit employee slept in a parked bus, according to the report.

The man, who identified himself as Hector Santiago, is not a New Jersey Transit employee, the agency confirmed. Santiago said the employee paid him to help buses navigate in and out of the lot onto the traffic-clogged street.


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When superstorm Sandy surged into the East Coast, New Jersey Transit suffered $120 million in damage — because they had inexplicably not moved trains from the flood zone. Nobody responsible has been fired. And now the agency has declared their hurricane planning a State secret:

What NJ Transit did to prepare for Sandy remains largely secret. The agency that operates bus and light-rail and commuter rail services declined to release its strategy when requested under New Jersey’s Open Public Records Act. When asked for communications regarding Sandy preparations, NJ Transit released a 3½-page “Rail Operations Hurricane Plan” that was stripped of all information except for the title.

Agency spokesman John Durso Jr. said that detailing the agency’s storm preparation plans would create a security risk.

“Recent events including the uncovering of an al-Qaida-led ­terrorist plot targeting rail service reinforces why NJ Transit will not disclose sensitive information that could potentially undermine the security of our transit infrastructure, our customers or our employees,” Durso wrote in an email last week.

Apparently, NJT would have us believe that al-Qaida can control the weather.


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Dude Where’s My Train Station?

Imagine you are walking to your train station, like you’ve done everyday, only to come across a giant fence blocking all access!


A reader forwarded an astonishing story about NJ Transit blocking pedestrian access to the Terboro station. For decades, commuters have crossed the tracks at Williams Ave to reach the platform. Then, in the interests of “safety” a fence was erected — because the crossing was technically illegal. There is now no way to reach the station on foot, except by taking a 1+ mile detour along a dangerous highway lacking shoulders and sidewalks:

No place for a pedestrian

The fence was put up without warning, and residents are understandably livid. They have launched a petition drive.


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