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Palo Alto is arguably the most NIMBY town in California. It’s restrictive housing policies has resulted in some of the most expensive real estate prices in the US. There are a number of surface parking lots around California Ave that are ideal for infill housing. But the city has other plans:

Starting in January, construction crews will cordon off the Sherman Avenue block between Ash and Birch Streets and start constructing the new 636-stall garage, which will feature four stories above ground and two basement levels. Public Works staff expect the garage to be completed in spring 2020, at which time it will add about 310 spaces to a business district where merchants have long clamored for more parking.

According to the staff report, the garage will cost $46 million, or $147,000 per parking space!


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Palo Alto Mayor Patrick Burt has come up with the solution for the lack of housing in Silicon Valley: workers living in self-driving cars as they endure 2-hour commutes:

Burt:   Our TMA is moving towards reducing the number of trips 30 percent. We can have shared, autonomous vehicles powered by carbon-free electricity.


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