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MADB – Sacramento

Sacramento has joined Santa Rosa in the War Against Drunk Cyclists.

CHP officers last week charged seven bicyclists with riding under the influence during a one-night crackdown in Sacramento.

CHP has received State and Federal grants for this program targeting the Drunk Cyclist Menace.

How serious a problem is this?

When asked whether this was an effective use of police time, Quintero says absolutely.

“You can have severe injuries and or death when you have bicyclists” collide with cars, he says. “When we get these individuals off the streets, we’re also protecting the community.

For police departments looking to ramp up DUI arrest numbers, bicyclists are an easy target. Police know that anyone leaving a bar at 2am on a bicycle is somebody who probably just had his driver’s license suspended for DUI.

In California, the law does not distinguish between bikes and cars. Even though a bicycle weighs thousands of pounds less than an automobile, the violator will still have to pay thousands in court costs to local and State government — making this program a nice revenue generator.

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