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Over the years there have been some pretty bad pedestrian safety PSA’s. But this one from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is stupendously bad. No kid should ever have to worry about giant monster trucks blasting down a neighborhood street. What makes this ‘educational’ video especially bad is that the NHTSA has broad regulatory powers in this area, but chooses not to outlaw dangerous vehicles.

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You Know What Would Be Nice?

You know what would be nice? Proper bike and ped facilities.

You know what is not nice? Wasting money on a dumb-ass PSA campaign that portrays cyclists as horses who run red lights:

The Scottish government today launched its the Nice Way Code initiative, a £500,000 campaign asking road users to all just get along and be lovely to each other. Scottish cycling campaign group Pedal on Parliament is not impressed.

Sally Hinchcliffe, one of the organisers of Pedal on Parliament, said: “While we don’t disagree that behaviour needs to improve between road users, simply asking us all to be nice to one another without backing it up with real changes and enforcement is a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Here is one of the PSA’s. It makes a bizarre comparison between cyclists and….horses:

The parody twitter feed NicewayCodeGB has been inspired to create some of their own PSA’s in response, such as this one:


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