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My, what a confusing message from the Sierra Club’s Northern Alameda Chapter!

On the one hand, the Club supports Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Berkeley. And, it endorses Measure R, an advisory measure in favor of transit-oriented development (TOD) around Berkeley’s downtown transit.

On the other hand, the Club has endorsed candidates utterly opposed to BRT and transit-oriented development. This blog already reported on Kriss Worthington. Besides Worthington, Councilmember Jesse Arreguin has also received the Club’s blessings.

Arreguin, who’s positions on TOD are so extreme, some enviros have dubbed him Jesse ‘Arreguinejad’ (after the Iranian President) is the point-man for the anti-TOD crowd. Whereas his opponent, Eric Panzer has amazing credentials: a degree in Environmental Science, and he works professionally as a City Planner.

So here the Club has an awsome opportunity to endorse a candidate that really “gets it” with regard to alternative transport — and help get rid of Arreguin. But noooooo!!!! [/Belushi]

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Back in 2001, the Northern Alameda Chapter of Sierra Club (SF Bay Area) stunned cyclists by opposing a ‘complete streets’ project on Marin Ave. Running through the cities of Berkeley and Albany, Marin Ave isn’t some major commercial thoroughfare, but rather a quiet residential street massively over-built for the traffic volume. The superfluous lanes contributed to speeding and dangerous passing. As such, the Sierra Club resolution disregarded the pressing need for traffic calming, and bike/ped improvements.

Due to outcry by neighbors and cyclists, the Sierra Club rescinded its resolution, and did finally endorse the traffic calming project. But the whole sorry episode of Marin Ave generated considerable mistrust among advocates that the so-called environmental group wasn’t entirely supportive of the Sustainable Transport concept.

Flash forward a decade, and so little has changed.

Up for re-election in Berkeley is Councilmember Kriss Worthington. He was the key swing vote that killed the BRT project in Berkeley. He was the key swing vote that killed the ‘Complete Streets’ project for Telegraph. His candidate statement even boasts of killing the “bad” BRT.

So, guess which District 7 candidate gets the Sierra Club endorsement?


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