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UK Roads Minister Jesse Norman doesn’t think enough is being done to dissuade cycling. He is conducting a safety review that may result in some new laws:

A review into cycling safety announced last month would be broad, possibly including whether cyclists should be forced to wear helmets and high-visibility clothing, Norman said. But he promised any conclusions would be led by evidence.

On possible laws for helmets and high-visibility clothing, Norman said the review would “ask very general questions and if the feedback is that we should consider that stuff, then we’ll look at it”.

He added: “Obviously there will be some people who feel very strongly that there should be hi-vis, and there will be plenty of people who think very strongly the other way. It’ll be the same with helmets. The literature on risk is quite a well developed one, I don’t need to tell you.”

Norman’s safety review was triggered by the tragic fatality of a pedestrian, Kim Briggs. She was struck by a cyclist as she crossed against a light. The cyclist was jailed because his bike lacked front brakes. Norman has proposed increased penalties for what he calls “dangerous cycling”.

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UK bicycle planners demonstrate their international reputation for incompetence:

Cyclist Kevin Hughes, 47, said: ‘It’s just hilarious. I saw it as I was cycling past and couldn’t believe my eyes. ‘Obviously nobody could cycle in it because it is so so small. You just have time to get in the saddle before getting off again.’ Mr Hughes, a member of Cardiff Ajax Cycling Club, added: ‘I posted a picture of it on the club forum and it’s started a bit of a laugh.

But it gets worse.

According to the BBC, Cardiff council concedes a mistake was made, and will be sending crews out to rectify the situation by making the road markings smaller.

The original post to Ajax cycle club forum post is here.

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