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Washington Metro is trying something new with its Silver Line extension. The suburban stations will not be surrounded by huge parking garages. Instead, the idea is to promote transit-oriented development, and more walking to the station. Quelle Horreur!

That decision has been cheered by “smart growth” advocates, but some residents are concerned that their streets will become de facto Metro parking lots. And some potential Silver Line riders — accustomed to driving to Metro stations to board their trains — wonder how they’ll get to the new rail line if they can’t drive.

“The reason places like Bethesda are popular is because you can drive and park,” said John Lucas, who lives about a mile from Tysons. “Now we have to get in the car and drive past two or three stations to get to where we can park. It’s going to be impossible. There are not alternate forms of transportation that are reliable.”

Mr. Lucas is so lazy he can’t walk 1 mile?



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