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Above the Law

Why even bother having drunk-driving laws if they are not enforceable?

A judge told TV personality Katie Price she was lucky to avoid prison at her sentencing for a drink-driving crash. The former model flipped her car near Partridge Green, West Sussex, on her way to visit a friend on 28 September. District Judge Amanda Kelly, who handed Price a 16-week suspended jail term, said her “incredibly selfish” actions “could have easily killed somebody”.

District Judge Kelly, sentencing, told the 43-year-old, who has been banned from driving on five separate occasions, she had “one of the worst driving records I have seen“. “You appear to think that you are above the law,” she told Price.

If she can get banned from driving — on FIVE separate occassions — and still keep driving anyway, then yeah she is above the law.

Price was taken to hospital, where she told police: “I took drugs, I should not be driving, I admit it all.” The court heard a drugs wipe gave a positive reading for cocaine and a roadside breath test was positive for alcohol.

Joe Harrington, defending, said: “It’s a complicated driving history. Things tend to be quite complicated with this lady. “She does not deal with her problems, particularly with paperwork.”

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